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Seven steps to selling your house

Seven Simple Steps to Selling Your Home

With a little elbow grease and a critical eye, you’ll be able to prepare your home for sale and achieve best price.

Every homeowner wants to achieve the best price when selling their home. But let’s face it achieving top dollar is only going to be possible when your house is actually looking at its best.

So, here’s our must do list of seven simple steps to preparing your house for sale:

1. Look at your house from a different perspective

Take the time to look at your house critically or better yet get someone who you trust to be honest with you to do it.   Start from the front yard, then go through the house and end up at the back yard and make a list of what isn’t at its best and what improvements can be made.

2. Make your house welcoming

If you walked to the front door of your home would you find it warm and inviting?   As the first impression of buyers the front yard and entry needs to make an impact.  Take the time to fix or paint your fences, neaten up the garden, repair any holes in the house, sweep the entry and clean your windows.   Also adding props such as pot plants or outdoor settings to your entry will really set the scene for potential buyers.

3. De-Clutter, De-Clutter, De-Clutter

When buyers are touring your home they want to see the space at its best.  So, take the time to de-clutter away the daily evidence of life.

  • Move any furniture out of entrances, hallways or rooms that makes the space look crowded
  • Put away the appliances, tools and unnecessary items left out in the kitchen, bathroom and on any benches and tables
  • Pack away any non-seasonal clothes and linens from cupboards and store elsewhere
  • Visitors will look in cupboards and storage spaces – so take the time to clean out any unnecessary items and store anything not needed elsewhere
  • Cull the kid’s rooms, common play areas and backyards of toys and sporting equipment
  • Don’t forget to neaten up the laundry, garden sheds and garages putting away tools, removing any evidence of house problems (i.e. ant rid)

4. Take Out The Personal

Buyers want to imagine themselves in the home so can find it distracting when there is clear evidence that another family live there.   Remove anything over personal like family photos, kids artwork and bills or invitations on the refrigerator.

5. Make Update Improvements

Spending money on making minor improvements can create a major difference in property offers.  Here’s some ideas:

  • Turn your bathroom into a spa – use coordinating towels and bathmats, add some candles and soaps and greenery
  • Update the look of your kitchen with some new taps, handles and light fittings
  • Replace, recover or repaint any old furniture that looks tatty and old
  • Paint your walls a neutral colour
  • Style your couch and beds with any throws or new cushions which can also be a great opportunity to add some touches of colour
  • Give every room or space a function – creating an office or study nook or maybe add a chair for a reading space.
  • Add an outdoor setting to your outdoor space
  • Add some healthy green plants to your indoor space

6. Make Your House Shine

Before the house is photographed and prior to open days make sure your house is sparkling:

  • Clean the windows
  • Wash down the walls
  • Vacuum and mop the floors
  • Dust all surfaces and light fittings
  • Repair any damages – broken doors, halls in walls, chipped paint, broken faucets etc
  • Scrub the bathroom and toilet area
  • Mow the lawn and weed the garden

7. The Sweet Smell of Success

On open days when people are going to be looking through your house consider the smell of your homes.  Avoid cooking with any overpowering smells on the day such as bacon or meat. By adding simple and subtle fragrances such as citrus, vanilla or cinnamon or even baking bread or a cake on the day can leave the home smelling delightful.

So to achieve best price you need to put in some effort by following these simple seven steps so you can present your house at its best.

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